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Our mission is to give relief to those in need with acts of kindness


Passion for Children

Entouch Betterment Foundation believes, children are a gift from God and should not have struggled with hunger.


Providing food to the Elderly

It is a fact that more than five million senior citizens are facing hunger in the country.  Even after spending a lifetime of hard work and manual labor, many of the families with.



Entouch Betterment Foundation has always had a special place in our heart for the homeless.



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All kids deserve happiness and a healthy living

We all think that child hunger is not as bad as most people talk about but the thing is it is very much real, and there are thousands of impoverished kids who need all our efforts and support to eat a well-nourished meal daily throughout the year.

The importance of volunteer work in ending hunger

Every person has two hands, and no matter how hard a person tries to accomplish multiple things at a single time, he/she will most likely fall short. In this world, there are tasks that an individual can perform brilliantly on his/her own, but many activities require individuals working as a team to achieve collective goals.

Entouch Foundation Serves Veterans

Entouch Betterment Foundation takes pride and finds joy in serving, our beloved Veterans. We as a nation must do much more, to properly support and care for our scared and wounded warriors. All of us together must sacrifice time and effort, to help all Veterans get back on their feet. It’s sad but true that, many of our nation’s Veterans, young and old, man or woman, suffers from invisible wounds of combat.

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Entouch Betterment Foundation is located in Duarte, California.

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