A child represents our next generation and only a child who eats healthy food can be capable of performing according to his/her abilities and contributing to the wellbeing of the community and the country.

Food consumption is essential to everyone particularly kids who are growing up.  Children who do not get an adequate food supply in their first three years are at a serious disadvantage and likely to face malnutrition.  There is a highter risk of asthma and anemia in children who are facing hunger and go on days without eating, and these children are more likely to be hospitalized.  Lack of food intake in young children is probably going to cause problems for them in school and other social situations.

Some of the common results of children struggling to eat are :

  • Lack of concentration and energy leading to repeat a grade in school.
  • The language, motor and decision making skills are affected.
  • The children are likely to experience behavioral and social problems.

As countrymen, we must protect and provide our younger generation with every opportunity to succeed which will effectively strengthen our communities and our country.

The main priority of Entouch Betterment Foundation is providing sufficient food to end children facing hunger.

Entouch Betterment Foundation believes, children are a gift from God and should not have struggled with hunger. Yet in the land of $5 lattes and restaurants to fuel every appetite, millions of children are still going to bed-and to school-hungry. Some of these children are homeless or live in a food insecure a household which means, that their families lack the necessary resources to buy food for everyone in the home.

When children do not get enough to eat, their mental and physical health suffers. They see smaller gains academically and they struggle to learn, concentrate and adapt to their surroundings.

Entouch is committed to providing these children with healthy and nutritional foods and other needed essentials to help enhance their lives.