Entouch Betterment Foundation began because of our special desire in our heart to help the homeless.  For over 20 years we have reached out to homeless individuals through our street outreach and mobile services in the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area.  There are many reasons why one might become homeless, face hard times and feel abandoned.  Some are homeless because of addictions, prior incarceration, developmentally disabled, emotional stress, job loss and the effects of poverty.

We reach out to those in need wherever they might be . . . in the streets, parks, shelters and community centers.  Entouch Betterment Foundation has compassion for those we serve.  We provide hot meals, groceries, water bottles, sanitary products, feminine hygiene products, sleeping bags, back packs, blankets and clothing.

Entouch Betterment Foundation works with other local non-profit groups, community agencies and local government to provide affordable housing solutions for the homeless in the community.  We also help individuals that battle addictions and substance abuse by referring and transporting individuals to community agencies that help and give support in their fight to be addiction free.