In a country that feeds other populations of the world, it is surprising, and almost hard to believe, that many Americans go hungry.  But, unfortunately, every day thousands of children and adults are unable to consume proper and healthy meals which are required to flourish.

Entouch Betterment Foundation:

Entouch Betterment Foundation is making it possible to provide nourishing food (from food manufacturers and stores) to the people who need it the most.  We are also involved in the provision of clothing, shelter and job training to assist in securing a bright future for underprivileged people.

Senior Hunger:

It is a fact that more than five million senior citizens are facing hunger in the country. Even after spending a lifetime of hard work and manual labor, many of the families with seniors in the age bracket of ( 50+ ) find themselves facing an uphill task of managing to purchase groceries and get proper medical treatment. Another thing to consider is that a significant number of individuals from the baby-boomer generation are about to become senior citizens who will only add to the number of seniors citizens facing hunger.

Child Hunger:

A child represents our next generation and only a child who eats healthy food can be capable of performing according to his/her abilities and contributing to the wellbeing of the community and the country.
Food consumption is essential to everyone particularly kids who are growing up. Children who do not get an adequate food supply in their first three years are at a serious disadvantage and likely to face malnutrition. There is a higher risk of asthma and anemia in children who are facing hunger and go on days without eating, and these children are more likely to be hospitalized. Lack of food intake in young children is probably going to cause problems for them in school and other social situations. Some of the common results of children struggling to eat are :

1) Lack of concentration and energy leading to repeat a grade in school.

2) The language, motor and decision making skills are affected.

3) The children are likely to experience behavioral and social problems.

As countrymen, we must protect and provide our younger generation with every opportunity to succeed which will effectively strengthen our communities and our country.
The main priority of Entouch Betterment Foundation is providing sufficient food to end children facing hunger.

Rural Hunger:

It is hard to imagine that the rural communities that provide us with raw food, vegetables and fruits would be facing a food shortage, this goes to show that hunger runs deep in nearly every community around us. It seems impossible but many rural and agricultural communities, the very places where crops are cultivated and sent to the entire country and other parts of the world experience deprivation of food. It is sad that in the lands of plenty people have to go hungry. People living in rural areas due to unique challenges often endure hunger at higher rates as compared to people living in urban settings. There are several reasons for rural hunger such as:

· The nearest food bank or food pantry is located hours away from the rural area.
· The only job opportunities for people is working in low-wage industries which result in increased unemployment and underemployment among the rural population.
· Children who face hunger in the rural environment are more likely to be malnourished, struggle in school and suffer from diseases such as anemia and asthma.

Entouch Betterment Foundation is committed to reach out to rural populations who face hunger and also have no proper access to food banks. The organization is running a mobile pantry program, which is very beneficial in the distribution of food to areas which are hard-to-reach but need our help the most.

African American Hunger :

The country is home to many ethnic and cultural communities, and African Americans face similar problems as other ethnic communities. But unfortunately, there is a history of the African American community struggling to fulfill even their basic needs. The African American families face the deprivation of food more than twice of caucasian communities & non-Hispanic families. Provision of healthy food to eat is a constant struggle for 1 in every 4 African American children.

The disproportionate food distribution, unemployment and lack of high salaried jobs make adjusting to hunger for African Americans even harder. It is a fact African American individuals and families have a considerably lower domestic income than Caucasian, and non-Hispanic individuals and families, for this very reason African Americans are expected to encounter hunger twice the average rate.

The poverty and food insecurity rates of African Americans is twice of Caucasian, and non-Hispanic individuals, with 11{f00c156cfcdf4d96096ebc4689eca8057d1356c050f9342ef04b3b6cb497d3a6} of African Americans living in deep poverty dwellings which is (less than 50{f00c156cfcdf4d96096ebc4689eca8057d1356c050f9342ef04b3b6cb497d3a6} of the federal poverty threshold).

Entouch Betterment Foundation is helping the impoverished African American community by making sure that every African American household has an opportunity to relieve themselves from poverty and achieve a strong and healthy future.

Latino Hunger :

One group of the population is badly stricken apart from the African American is our Latino community which suffers hunger at a much higher rate. Latino families endure food shortage at staggering rates in the country. One in five Latino homes is deprived of adequate nourishment. For Latino children, the numbers are even more astonishing. As nearly 1 in 4 Latino children is at risk of malnutrition as compared to 13{f00c156cfcdf4d96096ebc4689eca8057d1356c050f9342ef04b3b6cb497d3a6} of Caucasian and non-Hispanic children.

The Latino population is continuing to grow, and the need to reach many households facing hunger is becoming more challenging. The Latino population is working quite hard to progress and dispel the difficulties, but issues still exist.

· A good percentage of Latino families with children who use food banks have only one family member working.
· Latinos get less or even no assistance of federal nutrition programs like SNAP which only intensifies the hunger pains.
· Latinos are at higher risk of getting diet-related ailments which makes intake of healthy food even more necessary.

Entouch Betterment Foundation is willing to serve every Latino community in need. But the organization cannot do this alone and requires help from people who can donate and work as a volunteer to provide food to people in need and lay the basis for a healthy community.