All kids deserve happiness and a healthy living

We all think that child hunger is not as bad as most people talk about but the thing is it is very much real, and there are thousands of impoverished kids who need all our efforts and support to eat a well-nourished meal daily throughout the year.

Many children are living within or below the poverty line who have hunger as a significant issue and other problems which stem from both hunger and poverty. Many of the children have to rely on school meals and other programs such as summer meals where they can get free meals.

In the country, nearly 1 in 6 children do not consume sufficient food which puts them on higher risk to suffer from chronic illness such as anemia, asthma and other developmental impairments. Numerous studies and researches indicate that children who are not sure whether they will get adequate food are more likely to get low scores in examinations and probably repeat the grade.

Lack of healthy food prevents the children to recognize their true potential and perform according to their abilities. The inconsistency in the intake of food results in language, social and motor skill issues among the children. It is the essential right of every child to receive regular food and develop his/her concentration rather than thinking about whether they will even get an ounce of a meal.

Children are our future, and everyone must play their part in ensuring that child hunger is completely removed from the country. The food banks are most beneficial in providing a sufficient quantity of food to not only kids but adults and senior citizens too. These food banks also run numerous programs and initiatives which distributes nutritious food and even gifts among the kids.

In the summer time when children get vacations, the priority of the food banks is to send food trucks carrying fresh meals in low-income communities which have a large number of young children; this work is done to cover the reduced or free meals children get at school and end food insecurity. The food includes fruits, grains and vegetable meals which increases energy levels among the children and develop their eating habits.