Entouch Betterment Foundation takes pride and finds joy in serving our beloved Veterans. We, as a nation, must do much more to property support and care for our scarred and wounded warriors. All of us together must sacrifice time and effort to help all veterans get back on their feet. It is sad, but true, that many of our nation’s veterans (both young and old, man or woman) suffers from invisible wounds of combat. Their war may be over, but many are still fighting personal demons.

Entouch provides hot meals, clothing, hygiene products and other needed essentials to homeless veterans that live on the streets of local communities. We also deliver meals and groceries to housed veterans who do not have the financial means for essential nutritional food.

Entouch Betterment Foundation truly understands the many challenges for veterans trying to re-adapt back into society once they return home. Entouch offers a vast array of resources and referrals to help veterans with such challenges. We have on staff a 30-plus-year career veteran to assist our returning veterans with their needs.

Entouch would like to give back . . . and assist every veteran that is living below the standard they deserve and have earned by proudly defending our country.