It is a fact that more than 5 Million senior citizens are facing hunger in this country.  Even after spending a lifetime of hard work and manual labor, many families with seniors in the age bracket of ( 50+ ) find themselves facing an uphill task of managing to just purchase groceries and get proper medical treatment.  Another thing to consider is that a significant number of individuals from the baby-boomer generation are about to become senior citizens who will only add to the number of senior citizens facing hunger.

Entouch Betterment Foundation is making every effort to prevent this.

Below are some of the key factors regarding hunger in elderly adults:

  • The youngest child of the baby-boomer generation will probably be 60 years old in 2025 and seeing the general trend, hunger pains will only increase with each passing year.
  • A good majority of families with senior citizens have to make a difficult choice between food and medical treatment.
  • In these households, an adult at the age of 50 or more is at a higher risk of suffering from a chronic illness, which includes diabetes and high blood pressure. But, these ailments and their effect can be reduced by the intake of healthy food.

Entouch Betterment Foundation is devoted to helping each of our senior citizens in need between the ages of 50 and above.  We re running multiple programs that cover the physical health and transportation needs of older Americans.  We do not want any senior citizen to go hungry or lack the medical care they need and deserve.