Entouch Betterment Foundation was founded over 20 years ago by Founder Michael Longshore, a Licensed Ordained Minister.  It had its humble beginnings when Minister Michael had a desire in his heart to give a helping hand to those struggling and less fortunate.  He started a weekly feeding program that would make hot meals for the homeless in the Pasadena, California area.  His program is still going strong today and has fed thousands of people in need.

Minister Michael didn’t stop there.  He took upon himself to knock on major grocery stores’ doors seeking food donations, wherein he was quite successful.  He was able to amass a steady stream of food donations from major food market chains.  With the food he received, he was able to distribute it to senior complexes, community centers, veteran housing institutions, churches and other non-profit organizations to help the underprivileged and those in need.

Entouch is continuing to grow and is expanding its vision for the future.  With its team of faith-based volunteers, world evangelists and community leaders, Entouch is positioning its organization to perform greater things to enhance the lives of those in our community and beyond who are less fortunate and in need of a helping hand.